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The Research Group in Electrical Technologies for Sustainable and Renewable Energy (TEP-023) has its headquarters in the Higher Polytechnic School of Algeciras, University of Cadiz, Spain.

The Research Group activities focus on the development of electrical, electronics and control technologies for sustainable and renewable energy based on:

  • Renewable energy
  • Distributed generation
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Energy storage
  • Smart grids
  • Green electric vehicles
  • Power converters and control
  • Improvement of electric power quality
  • Improvement of grid integration of distributed generation
  • Energy savings and efficiency

More specific research lines:

  • Wind energy:
      • Control and operation of wind turbines and wind farms
      • Energy storage and hydrogen production in wind turbines and wind farms
      • FACTS devices for improving the power quality and grid integration of wind turbines and wind farms
      • Offshore energy and HVDC
  • Smart grids with renewable energy:
      • Microgrids based on renewable energies and hydrogen system for stand-alone and grid-connected applications
      • Energy storage in grids with renewable energy
      • Control and operation of smart grids
      • Optimal exploitation of electric networks with renewable energy
      • Direct current power grids with renewable energy and electric vehicles
  • Green vehicles:
      • Hybrid electric drive systems ​​for electric transport.
      • MVDC grids for electric transport.
      • Dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles.
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells:
      • Hydrogen and fuel cells for electric transport.
      • Electrical generation by fuel cells and hydrogen production by electrolyzer.

The Head of the research group is Prof. Dr. Luis M. Fernandez-Ramirez. Contact email: